Monday, January 25, 2010

Cheap Dumbells

No not the one sitting next to you at the bar this weekend; I'm talking about the kind you put on flies. I like to have eyes on my flies I don't need them but I like them. That said I have a hard time forking out $3 for 10 dumbells just to loose them. If you don't mind having a set of dumbells that are slightly off center and are hollow at one end try some BB gun pellets to add weight to your flies. If you don't want the hollow end fill it with epoxy or I fill it with UV knot sense and hit it with the UV light for 60 seconds. You also can glue 3D eyes on the end or paint it. The best part is you can get 250 of them for only a couple of dollars. They come in .22 cal and .177 cal, big enough for some small pike flies and clousers.

1 comment:

  1. Top tip....If you only filled the bulb part with some epoxy then the pellet would become weighted on just one side which would give the fly a slightly lob sided movement as you retrieve it back.