Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jvice 444

Here is the 444th vice made by Jay in South Africa.

Well the new Jvice has finally hit the door step. I managed to take a few pictures but I'll do my best to get some better images and a bit of a review up in the new year. All I can say now is that I'm very happy with it.

Top view with the Pro Jaws mounted on the side of the base. I have the streamer attachement for this but neglected to take a picture of it.

These pro jaws can hold a very large hook.

Vise with the midge jaws "Small Fluff"

More Small Fluff - Size 12 1X fly in the midge jaws, lots of room to work. You can bend the hook in the jaws, it really holds the small hooks tight.

Size 18 fly in the midge jaws, and still lots of room to work. I had a bare size 22 in it a couple of days ago and when I find the hooks again I'll post a picture. These jaws are great for the small stuff.

The vise can also be mounted on the front of the base if you need it closer to you.

So far I'm really impressed with this vise and Jay over at Jvice is great to deal with.

I made a tying station a month or so ago out of oak and maple, it a little rough and it still needs to be stained. The front of the base needs to be extended out 3 inches then the Jvice will slide right into the perfect docking station.

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  1. 444 the one after mine.Flash went with the red n gold combo....niiiice!